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Lexi is second in command to the shopdog, Quincy. She has Opinions about books but doesn't mind if you don't like her recommendations. 
Meena LOVES Abe Lincoln and also The Shire. She loves reading U.S. History, Historical Fiction...Adventure, Christmas, Paris, Pirate, Train and TITANIC stories.
Kelly loves journalism-inspired books and stories about strong-willed women, complicated relationships, and most of all, bands and music.
Emily likes grown-up books about love and murder, and kids' books that are fun to read aloud.
Gina is our Children & Family Events Specialist. She keeps the dust covers on her books, and she knows her penguin literature.  
Bari reads more than you would think is humanly possible.
Karter is our Events Coordinator and a YA enthusiast. They especially love queer books and can be convinced to read anything if you talk about it with enough enthusiasm. 


Pilot obsessively loves all books but especially nonfiction ones about abolition and queer YA with lots of kissing.
Christian was our events coordinator and YA bookseller. He is now at HarperCollins helping edit some amazing children's books. He still loves Arwen & Aragorn and thinks they're the superior fantasy couple. 
Gabby is an Editorial Assistant at Houghton Mifflin's children's division and we miss her dearly.